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Lathe Machining Industry

High-precision measurement for products after lathe machining


A lathe is a machine tool that rotates a cylindrical workpiece while performing various operation such as cutting, sanding, facing, drilling, tapering, grinding and turning about an axis. It is suitable for creation of workpiece with symmetry about an axis. The end products usually demand high requirements to ensure its accuracy and quality. Mitutoyo provides measuring solution for lathe-machined products with a wide of measuring equipment and years of experience.

Our team of experts can develop measuring programs to streamline your measurement processes while maintaining the highest standards of precision. We also offer technical support and product training to ensure that you get the most out of your Mitutoyo equipment.


Support & Development of Lathe Machining
by Mitutoyo Measuring Equipments


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A piston is an automotive part which receives high explosive power and move with high-speed contained by a cylinder. 

Incorporated with Mitutoyo Roundness Tester, the quality of the piston can be assured easily with the measurement of piston form, flatness, parallelism of ring groove and piston hole. There is JIS standard of piston, thus it is important to inspect these measurement points.


Featured Measuring Product:

Roundness Testing Machine

Mitutoyo Roundness Testing Machine enables high-accuracy roundness/cylindricity measurement with high-speed auto-centering unction installed.




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Crankshaft is an automotive part which can be found in a motorcycle engine. It has the ability to receive big explosive power via piston or con-rod and change to rotation power.

To ensure the best performance of the crankshaft, FORMTRACER Avant is required to perform r-face measurement and measure the roughness of journals or crank pins.



Featured Measuring Product:


The hybrid measuring system “FORMTRACER Avant Series” allows measurements on both of contour and surface roughness.



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An ingot is the first step in chip making. Silicon ingot will be sliced into wafers, then grounded and polished to mirror surface.

Laser Scan Micrometer can be used to measure the diameter of the silicon ingot to ensure its accuracy with the non-contact scanning.




Featured Measuring Product:

Laser Scan Micrometer

Laser Scan Micrometer is a high accuracy non-contact measuring system which combines high-rate scanning (3200 scans/sec) with highly accurate measurement.



Round Testing Machine
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